Landscape Design & Material Selection

  • Reilly Tree & Landscape not only designs landscapes themselves, but is willing to work with your landscape architect to implement any plans that he or she may have.
  • Sun exposure, soil conditions, drainage and house architecture are just some of the things that we think about when designing your outdoor living space. Putting the right plant in the right space helps to ensure proper growth patterns and minimizes insects and diseases from attacking your plants.
  • Proper planting techniques are also important when implementing your landscape. For example, knowing proper heights, rotation and sun exposure are key components to planting a tree or shrub correctly.

Upkeep & Maintenance

Reilly Tree & Landscape offers an extensive post-care program, as well as a one-year guarantee, on all your plant materials. Plants and shrubs will grow and expand, and require care and attention to ensure they not only stay beautiful and healthy, but do not become overgrown and unwieldy. We can customize a maintenance program for your property to ensure that you will enjoy your outdoor living areas with the lowest possible stress to you.

Ask us about our One Year Guarantee on all plant materials!

Walkways, Patios & Retaining Walls

  • Properly installed walkways, patios and retaining walls, or hard-scape, is part of most all landscaping projects. Choosing the correct materials and laying out a beautiful design can add great warmth and beauty to your property, giving you a new outside living area to enjoy relax in.
  • To ensure that you will be happy with your new space for years to come, we take great care to properly prepare and install the products according to recognized best practices and the manufacturers recommended installation guidelines. We understand that proper drainage and the unseen foundation are just as important as the beautiful stone and materials that you can see.

*Please ask us for full details on our plant material guarantee, as some restrictions and conditions may apply.